unravel at your own pace

i love you in the dark. my pulse speaks to you in Morse code, telling stories of the street lamps left outside my house that I always wanted to kiss you under, but never did. i keep the ways i speak to you rooted in metaphors about black holes and shedding skin. the meant-to-be component […]

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dark and stormy

three parts ginger beer. it was no coincidence that when you picked your poison at the bar you would end up calling me by the same name a month later the parts that i am made of can not be broken into ounces no precise recipe or directions come with knowing me and now you […]

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To break gracefully

I want to crash and break gracefully, beat misery to the punchline and burn out like a star, slowly— I don’t want you to know about my sadness until millions of years later when the remainder of me disappears into stardust, etched into the night sky letting people see I once shed tears like snakes shed skin they don’t need, the […]

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Embrace the new.

My mother used to tell me that everything can be left behind. If you don’t like who you are, where you are, what you’ve become- you can always change it. And so, with the thousands of others who make resolutions and break them, I plan to list here my five resolutions for twenty-fourteen. 1. Read […]

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